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    An Overview


    Gapuraprima Group puts science, technology, art and intuition to work by cretaing sustainable solutions essential to a better life for people everywhere.

    Operating in thousands of hectares of land spread out in Jakarta and its vicinity, as well as in other major cities on java, the Group offer a wide range of innovative product for markets including landed houses, apartments, condominiums, offices, malls and trade centers. From low rise to high rise developments, for different kinds of social economics communities. In 1980 Gapuraprima Group was humble realty. Just setting out for success, its focus turned to developing suburb subdivisions of modest magnitude.
    Asabri housing in Lampung was testimony to what Gunarso S Margono the founder pf the group whose modest personality and strong will to learn have granted him a success story. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, that’s the right maxim to associate with the long- haul the group has travelled in its history.Today, the group delivers innovation and solution that make real differences in people’s lives in those lands it has developed.
    But, in the face of constant change in today’s world, its core values remain unchanged: Commitment to treating people with respect, to quality, to ethical standards and to the future.


    “To be multinational company, trusted and respected by the stakeholder and public”


    • To optimize and integrate commercial and residential needs for middle to upper income bracket
    • To provide world class and premium quality standards for housing and land development
    • To form a strategic alliance and partnership with local and regional players
    • To create innovative and market driven product portfolios anywhere, anytime


    Since its creation in 2008, the group has never stopped believing in responding to the desire for well-being.

    The management and its staff have engaged in this fabulous journey with diligence, imagination and drive, asserting the group’s portofolio in order to make an astonishing living experience in Jakarta, Solo, Bandung and Bali.

    Pushing back the boundaries and knowledge, increasing the number of innovations, driven by a passion and a single-minded focus on quality becomes our signature comitment.

    Year by year, the group is patiently building up its position. With its rich and varied experiences, the group is ideally placed to tap into all aspirations and meet the needs of all customers, whatever their income or expectations. To be recognized as the most competent and innovative company in its field, the group is opening up vast prospect for growth.



    “To be recognized and respected as Indonesia’s leading Hospitality Corporation with innovative approach and forward-thinking attitude.”


    “To Develop leisure living experiences with a refreshing take on understated shopistication and emphasis on comfort, attentive service and exceptional amenties.”